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The 2002 NHL inventory database – online

There’s a lot of talk about historic preservation in Madison these days. There should be because it’s really an interesting topic. Being virtually a life long resident of  Madison, it’s amazing how many details of history escaped me and how much there is to learn.
Madison Main Street 2007
So if you wonder where some of the information comes from when the Historic Board of Review, who administers the Madison Historic Ordinance, considers a property owners application for a Certificate of Appropriateness,   this database is in part where.  There are origanally 2054 properties evaluates. It’s a snapshot in time for Madison, with photographs (which are not digitized) but maintained by the Historic Madison group. The average property owner probably has never even heard of this database let alone been able to see it and it’s contents.  I was that way myself. Had heard it referenced time and time again and it actually got me interested in the inner workings of local preservation efforts and in what my buildings were rated in the survey.

As a geek type at heart I have been toying with the 2002 National Historic Landmark properties inventory database.  This was originally done in MS Access and I have ported it to an online searchable SQL and PHP database.

If you own property in the Madison Historic district,  which is most all of downtown Madison, you can browse and search this database on your own.  If you want you can export a portion to a Printer Friendly view, MS Excel,  MS Word doc, a comma delimited CVS file, HTML or Adobe .PDF formats.  There’s a lot of fields in this database so you will have to scroll right to see all the data for a particular property. You can also sort the view on field names descending or ascending to suit yourself and adjust the number of properties on the page view.

At a later date we’ll port over the original reporting output and format that will show the property information on a single printable sheet with all the fields in a standard 8.5×11 inch format and as less of a database view output.

So this is the online version v.1.0 and updates are to follow. Thanks for looking!

Please have a look (opens in new tab) at the 2002 NHL survey: HERE

Any suggestions, comments or criticisms are welcomed at

 NHL Database Online Screenshot

NHL Database Online Screenshot