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No Good Deed – goes unpunished

A short story about a good deed turning out to be futile.

It’s not often I’ll wade through the checkout lines at the local Walmart. It’s not often I’ll traverse their parking lot in a quest for favorable parking either. Just not something that is high on my list of things to do. Saturday, of all days to choose, was the exception that was unavoidable.

At 3:57 Saturday afternoon I’m idling up to the East  entrance door. the place is teeming with shoppers entering and leaving the building with their goods. There’s one car painfully out of place and I commented about it to my girlfriend something to the effect of  “what idiot would park like that”. There is one occupant in the car, the driver.  A Walmart Parking Lot

It was facing East and facing the oncoming traffic lane and the car was parallel about a third up on the sidewalk and pedestrian area.  At this time the front of my vehicle is about even with the rear of their car. I’m waiting on people at the crosswalk before I proceed.

In a blink of an eye a young male (probably early 20’s) runs out of the store and gets in the back passenger seat, drops down in the back seat and is stuffing something under the front passenger seat, then sits back upright. Just as he’s getting back up, a female (brown hair, short and dumpy) is rushing out of the store and gets in the front passenger seat.

Ready, set, go!  The driver damned near hit me, another car and who knows how many pedestrians on their accelerated escape route. I mean it was truly amazing nobody was hurt while they sped off and around the corner into a exit lane.  In a blink they were gone.

Well I find the closest spot and we discuss what we just saw on our walk to the store. I look at my watch, it’s 4:04pm.  Since there was no pursuit, nobody apparently looking for them and no commotion we figured they had made their get away Scott Free and nobody got ran over.

Walmart Security CamerasWalmart personnel apparently had no clue. While my girlfriend was picking up her items, the reason we went there in the first place, I decided to hit up the service desk to speak to someone in security to tell them what I saw.  They do have security right? With all the cameras installed it would be relatively easy to see the incident from several different angle and even track the thieves in the store after the fact. My thought was they could learn from how they had been ‘had’ and help avoid future dangerous situation for their customers. The good deed attempt.

At the service desk I asked to speak to someone in security and wanted to report an incident. The staff went to another staff person who radioed someone, and them phoned someone. Saying someone would be there momentarily. After 15 minutes waiting at the service desk, then meandering about the book section which is right there while keeping a lookout for whoever ‘security’ might be, nobody ever showed. So we went on our way about the store to get the last item needed. We then left, probably not to return for another few months.

My punishment was wasting my time on Walmart.

So here is the information not mentioned previously in this little rant. It was a smaller gold colored car, like a Ford Contour with temporary paper tag affixed to the license bracket with two fasteners. It read, D37250. The driver was small, very young looking, possibly 16-17 with very short (skin-head) type haircut. His hair was red or a reddish blond, very small in stature. The girl was probably 5’3″-5’4″ in height, slightly over weight and medium brown hair, 20 ish. The runner who stashed the good under her seat was probably the oldest, 5’10”, slim build and clean cut light brown hair. Whatever they had stolen must have been really valuable or important and easily canceled in the clothing.

Loss prevention is a funny animal. Most chains have a built in ‘acceptable’ level of loss that is expected. Maybe this Walmart is happy with theirs?