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The old stone tool?

While working on a project on one of my old downtown Madison properties, I spied this unusual stone protruding from the base of a old maple tree trunk. It was broken but the buried section was right there with it entangled in underground tree roots.   With a little digging and by cutting a few roots I was able to extract the complete stone.

The overall length is 29 inches with one end shaped to resemble a blade  and the other end is rounded.

Not very thick at all. Looks to me to possible be something that was used to work the earth with or perhaps to dig with. I can imagine a wooden handle attached to the center bound to the rock  with leather lashes but there is n evidence of that at all on the stone.

So what is this stone? Anything at all? Not sure but we’ll hang on to it and store it next to the Civil War 6# cannon ball that was found in the same general vicinity.  Downtown Madison is surely interesting indeed.  If you have any comments or speculation to the origins or use of this stone please pass them along!